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From the Deputies

From the Deputy Prep - 1
When I travel around Silkstone, it is very encouraging to see so many children approach me to share their stories of home reading.  The children are so excited to share the wonderful stories from their books that they are reading with their family.  Some of the children get particularly animated, and their faces just shine.
It is important for all students to be reading at home, particularly our students in Prep and Year 1.  Home Reading allows children to practise the reading skills and strategies they have been taught at school during reading lessons.  The best outcomes for readers are achieved when a strong partnership is formed between home and school.  The more children read, the greater the likelihood of reading success.
My child brings home their home reader; from where else can I borrow books?  Students can borrow books from the school library before school, lunch times and during class borrowing time.  Parents can also borrow books with their child each morning between 8:00-8:50 from our school library.  You may also like to use the Ipswich Library.  The Ipswich Library has an extensive range of books for children and adults.
Any books read at home, or at school, from 15 May to 27 August can be added to your child's Premier's Reading Challenge form.  Every student who completes the Challenge will receive a Certificate of Achievement and a chance to win a book prize.  There is one book prize per class.  All completed Premier's Reading Challenge forms are to be returned to your child's class teacher by 27 August.  If your child has misplaced their form, please get another one from the school office.
Happy reading!
Sally-Anne Weise
Acting Deputy Principal
From the Deputy 2 - 3 
Year Two’s Excursion: The Workshops Rail Museum
Last Wednesday students from Year 2 visited The Workshops Rail Museum as part of their History unit. The students had a wonderful time and proudly displayed our school expectations during their excursion. Below are two student reports of the day’s events.
On Wednesday the 7th of June the Year 2s went on an excursion to the Railway Museum. When we arrived we walked through the Museum, it was cool. Then we went to Nipper’s Playground. I rode a bike and had lots of fun and excitement. Next we went on a tour, we learnt a lot of things. Finally we got on the bus and went back to school. Braydon S 2B
On Wednesday the 7th of June the Year 2s went on an excursion to the Railway Museum. When we arrived a steam train and every 5 minutes the seam went off. Then we had something to eat that was healthy. Next we got to play at Nipper’s Play Area. Finally, we got to school and we went up our stairs to our classroom. Cooper M 2B

Fidget Spinners
Fidget spinners are currently a fad within our community, and have made their way to school. Like all fads over the years, (e.g. beyblades, Pokemon Cards) they too are considered 'toys' and should be left at home rather than become a distraction 'in class' or become an issue if lost or stolen. We appreciate your support in ensuring Fidget Spinners stay at home.
Kandice Hutson
Deputy Principal
From the Deputy 5 - 6 
Writing in Year 5 and Year 6
As a part of our assessing and reporting process, our teachers meet each term to share some work samples from the students in their class and verify the standards for grades. This process is called ‘moderation’ and improves consistency and alignment across our year levels. I have been fortunate enough to read through some of our Year 5 & 6 work samples from this term and I have been so impressed with the quality that some of our students have produced. Well done!

Reading in the Holidays
At Silkstone, our students participate in many reading activities and lessons every single day. We have been able to see some great improvements in reading levels as a consequence of this focussed learning and practice. Sometimes over the holidays, students lose some of that momentum and find it can be challenging to get back into the swing of things at the start of the next term. I would like to put a challenge to all of our students to continue to read or be read to every day on the holidays. This may be everyday texts like newspapers, TV guides or even maps. Every little bit helps and some of these texts may also count towards your Premier’s Reading Challenge. Let’s do it, Silkstone!

Safe Holidays
As we are rolling into the last part of the semester, I would like to wish all of our families a safe and warm break. We have achieved a lot in Semester One and should be proud. I look forward to working with our great Silkstone community in Semester Two!
Shannyn Taylor
Deputy Principal