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 ♫ Music Notes ♫

Choir performance in the CK Hall
BRASSS                Monday 8am
Senior Band         Tuesday 7.50 - 8.50am
Girls Choir            Tuesday 11am
Harmonies           Wednesday 7.50am
String Ensemble  Thursday 7.50 - 8.50am
Year 2 Choir
Year 2 children had an opportunity yesterday in first break to come to the Music Room with Mrs Bradshaw and Mrs Brushe to have a 'sing' to see if they would like to join the Year 2 Choir. Interested children will have brought home a letter today. If your child didn't come to get a letter, it's not too late!!!! Feel free to collect a Year 2 Choir letter from the office or the Music Room. Permission forms can be returned to the office or Music Room. Please note, that practices won't begin until the Wednesday Week 1 of Term 2 at 11.00. This week's 'sing' has been to introduce the children to what choir would be like.
Parents, please also note that children must have a good attendance record to be invited to sing at any events.
The boys will have brought home a letter today to let you know of 2 dates where we need to change our practices to a Thursday morning, instead of the Monday mornings. With the Ipswich Junior Eisteddfod looming in Term 2, I don't want to cancel practices if it can be avoided as we will need every week to practice.
Text Message Groups
Our wonderful office ladies have made SMS groups for each of our choirs and instrumental groups, so you can be contacted should a practice be cancelled or a reminder needs to be sent out. Two messages were sent out last week and we have had mixed responses about receiving the text. We are doing all we can to ensure the system is working. Can I please also ask that you contact the school office to ensure that your contact details are up to date and current.
Great work children!!
I would like parents to know what fabulous singing and playing I am hearing in our practices, already giving me goose bumps! The children know I often don't get goose bumps unless the quality of their singing/playing is exceptional. Well done children on the hard work you are already doing by practising at home. It is very evident at school when we rehearse together. Thank you also, parents, for your efforts in having your children here on time.  It makes such a large difference when we can all rehearse together for the full amount of time.
Linda Weatherhead
Music Teacher
Tips on cleaning mouthpieces can be found in your tutor book as well as via these links:
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